Prijon Marlin LowVolume GFK


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An elegant, robust and light kayak for light and medium-weight paddlers!

The Marlin LV impresses with its elegance and speed. It glides safely forward, fast changes of direction by paddling the boat on the edges, everything can be done very precisely. The comfortable seat is well suited for longer stretches.

A perfect touring kayak, available in a hand-laminated, super light and robust Carbon-Aramide construction with high qualitative resins, or as standard hand-laminated polyester-wet Laminatee as GRP. Lighweight, stiff and extremely robust.

Made for low and middle weight paddlers.

Easy to control, maneuverable and very comfortable. Equipped with ABS hatch covers and Prijon sledge footrest with pedals.

Standard: GRP kayaks bottom is always white, CA kayaks bottom is always visible carbon-aramide fibers.

Other colors and combinations are possible on request and at a premium.

If you send us a color combination list we can arrange a sample picture for you.

Further options:

Reinforced deck:

Our kayaks are constructed to be as light as possible. If you are a heavy paddler or plan to do re-entries etc. it could be helpful to have a reinforced deck. For this, we add an extra layer of glass fiber/carbon-aramide with transverse reinforcement to the rear deck, at a premium. The weight of your kayak increases by approx. 2 kg.  Art.Nr.: 90 409

Full-carbon bottom

As an alternative to the carbon-aramid bottom you can also choose a full-carbon bottom at a premium. Art.Nr.: 88 890


Standard: White; Yellow; Green; Red; Blue Orange

Special: Yellow/Green, Light Blue, Purple Red, Violet, Purple, Light Grey, Yellow, Grey


Contact us to discuss your color selection – whether standard or special.

Stop by for details, call us at 716-213-0350 or contact us direct (direct link)

Contact Paths, Peaks & Paddles for Color and Stock availability

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