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Flood your lungs with fresh air.
Feel the water on your skin.
Take your paddle in your hand and step on the gas.
Free as a falcon.

The Falcon is a very fast fitness kayak for sporty ambitious paddlers. For the morning session on the lake, the evening training laps or a quick ride in between. Available in GRP or carbon aramid, for maximum rigidity and lightest weight. The Falcon is relatively stable in terms of tilting, very directional stability and can be steered excellently around curves via the edge.

It is equipped with only the bare essentials and can therefore be accelerated quickly and, thanks to its low total weight, also easy to load.

Available in two versions:

With a shell made of GRP, made in polyester-wet laminate construction. As well as a lighter and stiffer variant with a shell made of carbon and aramid fibers, made with the highest quality resins. Both variants, like all our kayaks, are handmade.

Deck reinforcement

In general, we design our laminate boats as light as possible. However, for some applications, such as the paddle bridge for heavy paddlers or various re-entry methods, a more stable, reinforced upper deck can be useful.

You can order this extra layer of glass fabric with transverse reinforcement in the rear area optionally to your boat.

The weight of the boat increases by approx. 2 kg.

Equipment: Tour seating, adjustable back strap, fixed thigh pads, luggage spider in front, adjustable footrest. Available in GRP or carbon-aramide, for a maximum of stiffness and the lowest possible weight.
Made in Italy

#20472: GRP

#20474: Carbon-Aramide

We build your boat:

Our standard colors are as follows: 

Upper nave:

Traffic white, mint green, gentian blue, sulphur yellow, pure orange, traffic red and black


GRP white, carbon/aramid natural (fabric visible)

The seam line is always black on the standard boats.

We are happy to manufacture a boat for you in an individual colour combination.

You can color the upper ship, lower ship, seam line and part of the deck and rubber lines.

We would like to point out that the display of the colors may vary depending on the screen.  Choose from the following options:

Upper nave:

Traffic white, light grey, traffic grey, sulphur yellow, traffic yellow, pure orange, yellow-green, mint green, Light blue, gentian blue, traffic red, purple, heath violet, traffic purple and black


Traffic white, light grey, traffic grey, sulphur yellow, traffic yellow, pure orange, yellow-green, mint green,
Light blue, gentian blue, traffic red, purple, erkika violet, traffic purple, black and natural (only for carbon/aramid)

Seam stroke:

Traffic white, sulphur yellow, pure orange, mint green, Gentian blue, traffic red, and black

All-round leash, luggage spider and seat surround: yellow, red and black

Technical Data:
  • Material GRP / Carbon-Aramide
  • Length 490 cm  /  16ft
  • Width 57 cm / 22in
  • Weight GRP: 17kg / CA: 14kg  /  37pd/31pd
  • Cockpit 88 CM / 35 cm 
  • Paddlerweight 55 – 90 kg  /  121-198 pd

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20472 – Prijon Falcon GFK, 20472 – Prijon Falcon Carbon-Armaid